Framing final prints ready for next weeks show.











I just got Instagram, go check me out. It’s likely just going to be me skateboarding and not much photography but it’ll be fun, I promise. #instagram #skateboarding #photography

laurenreid22: Not sure if you got my message but I currently do press and Ed at Falmouth and love it! the town isn't club crazy but there are great little bars and 5 degrees is really good for a sort of club vibe. The links to industry are also great and they have their own photo agency which you can get involved with.

Hey there, I did get your message, sorry I thought I had replied. I had a really good time meeting the tutors at my interview, they were brilliant people, the college does look great. Thanks, helpful to hear something from students, appreciate it. 


matthittscheekbones: oooh i've just seen your post about LCC. I actually do photojournalism at lcc and its really good, i love it. i would say go with lcc because you're in london, and most if not all news stuff happens in london so i would definitely go with that. if i'd have gone to falmouth (where i also had an interview) i wouldn't have been able to shoot all the stuff i do so i would personally go with lcc

Ahh decisions… thank you!


j4dedyouth: so what did you think of falmouth?

The university was pretty incredible. The interview was extremely friendly and constructive… the whole thing was pretty damn pleasant. The town was slightly less attractive. It’s beautiful but I could see it being kinda boring at times. But Yeah, it seems like a good head space to be in and getting my place has made the choice between city or sea hard.